Looking for ways to enhance your agents' performance and job satisfaction?

Looking for ways to enhance your agents' performance and job satisfaction?

Are your customers tired of
waiting too long on hold just to speak to a customer service representative?

Do you ever wish there was a way
to get instant help for your customers and support for your
employees, 24/7?

Well, you're not the only one.

As per market research findings
reveal that contact center agents nationwide are effectively handling more
calls  with the help of intelligent virtual assistants. Not only does this technology lead to a reduction in employee churn, but it also results in shorter wait times for customers.

By leveraging advanced
AI-powered technologies, contact centers can see enhancements in overall
performance, increase in productivity, and ultimately increased job
satisfaction among agents. Our research also alleviates any worries
regarding the negative effects of AI on the workforce, including concerns
related to generative AI and large language models.

Portrait of a lifeless Alexa –In this picture, she said hi!.

Contrary to popular belief, contact center agents don’t view AI as a threat to
their positions. Instead, our extensive study indicated that these
representatives considered Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs) to be just as
crucial as receiving a competitive salary and working in a positive environment.
These findings highlight the significant role that IVAs play in enhancing the
efficiency and effectiveness of the contact center workforce.

Rather than displacing
representatives, IVAs serve as valuable tools that augment agents’ capabilities
and enable them to provide exceptional customer service while also reducing
their workload.

A remarkable 80% of the
respondents agreed that they could greatly benefit from "tools that wrap up a customer call accurately and automatically."

These results not only show the positive influence of AI in helping agents but also reveal strong support and eagerness to collaborate with these tools to enhance their abilities.

With IVAs by their side, contact
centre agents can confidently navigate complex queries, access real-time data,
and deliver personalized assistance to customers seamlessly. By embracing this
symbiotic relationship, organizations can create an optimal work environment
where both employees and AI-driven solutions work together to increase contact
centre metrics.

Key Findings as per Market Research

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Agents Voice Concern: 59% of contact centre agents report they
don't get the modern intelligent virtual assistant tools they want.

Right Tech - A Priority for
Agents: 88% put top importance on
having tools and technology that help reduce customer frustration rivals a
competitive salary and an environment where the agent is respected.

Embrace IVAs: 78% of all agents see IVAs as a means to
fine-tune their customer interactions by delivering more accuracy.

IVAs Pave the Way: 77% of all agents believe IVAs are good for
the customer and agent alike and 77% are comfortable using these tools.

Advocacy for Customer-Centric
Tools: 88% of agents agreed that
it's important to have "tools and technology that help reduce customer

Agents Demand More: 85% of
contact centre agents agreed that they want a tool that "always provides me with the most up-to-date and full history of a customer."

80% - expect widespread
deployment of voice technology in the next
five years.

66% - see voice-enabled
experience as “important to the future of their companies’ strategies.

81% of respondents said they’ll
increase their speech technology budgets.

40% - see Voicebots achieving
humanlike levels of interaction in less than a year.

*Source: Report on State of Voice
AI by Deepgram & Opus Research -2023

""We are confident
that this research will serve as a valuable resource for organizations looking
to enhance service and support interactions through the integration of
AI-powered automation. By leveraging omnichannel IVAs, organizations can
deliver superior experiences while empowering agents to excel in their

The growing acceptance of
automated assistants for contact centres is a game-changer for both agents and
ultimately, customers. With faster response times, 24/7 availability, improved
accuracy, and consistency, intelligent virtual assistants are revolutionizing
the customer service experience.

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